Coach Snowden Santi's entrepreneurship interview with Shoutout Arizona

I had the good fortune of connecting with Shoutout Arizona for an interview on entrepreneurship, and shared our conversation below.

Hi Chris, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
Starting my own business was something I had considered when first entering the workforce after college. I had been coaching goalies of various ages all throughout college, and knew it is something that I enjoyed doing. Unfortunately the market I was in could not support my business, so I tabled the idea, and followed opportunities in other industries.

After nearly a decade of managing companies for others, things had changed quite a bit for me. Living in a new city, I was overseeing three different companies, starting a family, but still not feeling quite fulfilled in my work. I had so much vision to bring to the table, but was consistently limited by my superiors. Money was great, but hours were running long, taking away from my number one focus – family. I began to research how I could start my business in a new city and market. Once I found that there was opportunity to support my endeavors, I took the leap to finally commit to my business.

See the full interview here...

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