Easy Crease Basic Package

Easy Crease Basic Package

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Official Easy Crease Maker! Everything you need to make a perfect crease!

Retractable string that is the perfect length for the crease. 

Open ended carabiner makes for easy attachment on and off the net. 

Marker attaches and is easily replacable. 

Rubber Holder to hold the marker.

Makes a perfect crease every time. 

Marker Included! 


Red Marker vs Light Gray

Red Marker = thickest, most distinct game like crease - Recommened for Team Head/ Assistanct coaches at young ages . Red marker does wipe off but repeated, constant use without wiping can eventually stain pads. If coaches are doing 2/3 drills per practice with small area games the red marker is effective, visible, simpler to use. 


Light Gray = Recommended for goalie schools and situations where goalies will be constantly in the marker made crease. Goalies can be in the gray marker crease all day long and not have any concerns.